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V Recordings is one of the most important brands in Drum ‘n’ Bass. With roots embedded deep in the foundations of Jungle, and genre-spanning offshoots Philly Blunt, Chronic, and Liquid V, the’ve been part of the top tier for longer than many ravers have been alive.

25 Years to be precise…

 Over the years, they’ve curated a roster that includes a dazzling array of certified scene-defining legends. Names like Roni Size, Krust, Ray Keith, Dillinja, Artificial Intelligence and Die have regularly featured one or more of their imprints over the years.

And, while others might have been happy to rest on those massive laurels, V have continued to nurture new generations of stars. Paul T & Edward Oberon, Serum, Bladerunner, Command Strange, L-Side, Alibi, are now setting the pace for a whole new crowd to follow.


Of course, this just scratches the surface. Label bosses Bryan Gee and Jumpin Jack Frost have curated a collection of deejays and emcees for this tour who have been instrumental in shaping the art and craft of drum ‘n’ bass. There’s Think Tonk with the crossover into bashment territory, there are guys like T.R.A.C. and DRS who’ve reconfigured how we think of rap-led DnB, Marky and Patife who brought the sounds of Brazil to us…the list goes on…

Over twenty-five years, the V camp has never stopped pushing the boundaries of drum ‘n’ bass music, creating, evolving, and connecting multi-genre dots. Whether you know them from the days of their intimate for-the-heads Movement nights, their epic Planet V events, their multi-faceted compilation albums, or simply by their never-failing reputation for the highest quality output, you know this outfit sets the standard.

Wherever that iconic sun logo shines gets set alight. This is the Planet V tour for 2018/19 and it’s huge.