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360_page_2018As the DnB scene reconnects with its rave-rooted foundations of Peace Love and Unity and sub-genre divisions blur, it’s the moment for something new. And these three men have taken up the challenge.

Nicky Blackmarket’s been playing records and making people dance since he was a teenager. Variously described as “Nicky Nine Jobs” – due to his famous multiple-set-per-night regime – and “the man that’s always smiling”, his infectious enthusiasm for what he does remains as strong as when he made his name (literally) working at the legendary Blackmarket Records. With his ubiquitous pot of tea to hand, he’s been one of the most popular figures on the drum ‘n’ bass scene since day one. Make no mistake, though, behind the smile, there’s a sonic assassin lurking. There’s a reason why his bookings diary stays so full – just put a pair of decks in front of him and watch an expert party-hyper go to work.

Profile does it all. As boss of Octave Recordings alongside Brockie, he’s been instrumental in bringing through some of dancefloor DnB’s hottest artists. The likes of Sub Killaz, K Motionz, and Hizzleguy have all released under the Octave banner over the years. As a deejay, his in-the-moment ability to read a crowd and interact with emcees is well known. Of course, growing up in East London, in a family immersed in soundsystem culture, these instincts were hard-wired from early. As was his appreciation for the type of heavyweight basslines and beats that blaze from his studio to set dances alight.

And then there’s Fatman D. Not many people have had as much impact on twenty-first century drum ‘n’ bass as this man. Of course, ravers know him as the ultimate crowd-hyper, capable of going bar for bar with any emcee you care to name. But, he’s also been responsible for bringing through people like Dominator, Hizzleguy, DJ Limited and a staggering number of this generation’s DnB stars via his Biological Beats and Young Guns brands. And that’s after he co founded the all-star roll call of the New Breed Crew.

Now, we’re about to witness what happens when these three giants of the scene unite. Get ready for 360, an explosive live rave experience taking you on a journey across the full panorama of drum ‘n’ bass music.