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Brockie_pageLegendary Jungle/Drum & Bass DJ from Hackney, London, Brockie has been a massive part of the scene from the very beginning. From being resident on London’s infamous Kool FM since its inception in 1993 to playing at all of the major events at the time including Telepathy, Roast, Jungle Fever, Raindance and Jungle Splash to name a few. Alongside his partner in rhyme, MC Det, Brockie has toured the world numerous times, taking in shows from USA to Australia to Japan and everywhere in between.

Brockie the producer has enjoyed similar success, from the seminal ‘Represent’ to ‘Turntable 1’ and ‘System Check’ amongst many, many others. This continues to the present day with he and DJ Profile combining forces on new project Octave Recordings.

Brockie now has his own Facebook group which has 15,000+ members which is a closed group they have their own events with mc det, they also have their own merchandise and now have the infamous brockie & det experience which is a showcase & journey of jungle & drum & bass past present & future. They still host their Kool London show weekly on Sundays between 9-11pm(GMT).