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For a relatively small city, Norwich punches well above its weight when it comes to giving the world huge drum ‘n’ bass artists.

As the saying goes, Limited by name, unlimited by nature. From starting out producing any genre of music, Drum & Bass was the direction he took, but coming up in the same locality as production dons like Dominator, Upgrade, Saxxon and T>I, it wasn’t long before he was inspired to get in the studio and become even more experimental.

The Drum & Bass scene woke up to Limited’s production talents after a string of gritty, high-energy releases on Shiftin Beatz. Quickly head-hunted by Fatman D’s Biological Beats for both his production and selection skills, he demonstrated he was ready, willing, and able to step up through the ranks to become a hugely in-demand artist.

Now, having chalked up releases on prestigious labels like Serial Killaz, Playaz, Grid Recordings and Sigma’s Life Recordings, every new Limited tune comes loaded with eager anticipation from DJ’s and ravers alike. Along the way he’s collaborated with luminaries like Sub Zero, Inja, Fatman D and Spyda, constantly refining and elevating his sound.

As a DJ, he’s now a proven crowd favourite in the UK and beyond, with huge gigs under his belt at nights like Fabriclive and festivals including City Flow and K-Town in Belgium. And as a producer his momentum has never wavered, delivering a constant stream of releases assuring his place among the top echelons of the scene.

With huge ambition, an ever-evolving sound, and an overflowing bag of dubs at his command, there’s a lot more to come from the man like Limited.