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Document_One_artist_pageThe Oxford-based production and deejay duo known as Document One have been regular fixtures on the USBs of top selectors and at the top of download charts for the last few years. Already well-established dubstep artists by the time they returned to their first love of drum ‘n’ bass, they’ve brought a dizzying array of influences to the table, fused to make something that’s all their own.

 Both members of the team, Joe and Matt, discovered a passion for jungle and drum ‘n’ bass in their teens. Their deepening love for all things bass-heavy led them into the world of dubstep, where they made their mark on huge labels like Buygore and Never Say Die. Millions of YouTube plays and support from influencers like Mistajam, Knife Party, and Crissy Criss took them into the scene’s A list. And high-profile remix work for the likes of Moby, Rob Zombie, and Professor Green cemented their ever-expanding reputation.

 Encouragement from Bassline Smith persuaded them to turn their talents to creating drum ‘n’ bass. They’d experimented with the genre over the years, but signing to Technique Recordings in 2015 was where the DnB side of things got serious. And the impact they made was pretty much immediate. A series of releases demonstrated the multiple facets to their sound, drawing on flavours of jazz, hip-hop, funk, techno, and neuro. The constant theme is their songwriter’s ear for musicality and harmonic depth, coupled with rock-solid production skills. They slid between the genres effortlessly and haven’t looked back since.

 Now, the Document One name is an institution of the Technique Recordings family, and the drum ‘n’ bass community as a whole. They’re regularly to be found tearing the roof off huge events in the UK, Europe, and beyond and each new release is eagerly anticipated by deejays and fans alike. And no wonder. With a sound that’s constantly being honed and developed to hit dancefloors even harder, the Doc One story has a lot more chapters left to go.