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Exile_webpage_2If you’ve only become aware of Exile from his recent string of releases on acclaimed labels like Technique Recordings, Serial Killaz, and Formation, there’s a lot more to discover. His journey into the intricate depths of music creation began a long time ago.

You see, even as a child, Exile was immersed in the technicalities of music. Completing his guitar grades as a teenager, and with an eclectic music taste encompassing Hans Zimmer, Amon Tobin, and Santana, a chance discovery of the classic Kenny Ken and DJ SS World Dance album at a car boot sale set him firmly on the path into the world of drum ‘n’ bass.

Since then, he’s taken his technique to the next level. Studying music in Manchester, he went on to hone his craft as part of the live electronic band Modern Medicine with a group of friends – including Pete Cannon, now of Hospital Records – before being recruited by North Base. With that pedigree, it’s no wonder he very quickly made an impact with his solo work as Exile.

Exile’s deep appreciation for the science and craft of musicality reflects in the firing deejay sets that have lit up festivals and huge venues for years, whether repping as himself or in one of his previous incarnations. Known for his ability to work and interact with emcees to create a cohesive live experience, and with an armoury of dubs, witnessing Exile do his thing in person is essential for all real heads.

Through the twists and turns of his musical journey, leading to him signing to Urban Agency in 2019, the dedication to technical mastery and experimentalism have never left him. With collaborations on the way with luminaries like Micky Finn and GQ, plus remixes of classic tracks by the likes of Top Cat and Crissy Criss, and releases lined up across multiple labels, it’s time to get to know about Exile