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 MC, promoter, label owner and cheeky DJ on the sly… Fatman D is a man of many talents.

Like a lot of masters of ceremonies, he picked up the mic through pure necessity; eager to get into the game but unable to invest in turntables and tunes at the time, he started putting pen to paper. Mentored by good friend Stevie Hyper D (RIP), those early lyrical scribbles became formidable hype lines that scored Fatman early residencies at two of the most legendary rave brands; One Nation and Helter Skelter.

A versatile host flexing numerous styles – high energy, reggae twist, ragga, double time, rap – his rise to the top was as fast and as furious as the music itself. The late 90s was a golden time for MCs establishing their key role in drum & bass and Fatman secured his place in rave history both as a solo artist and as battle maestro with fellow lyrical luminary Foxy, forming the mighty New Breed outfit. Still a huge force to be reckoned with, New Breed remains one of the most notorious MC/DJ performance outfits as Fatman and Foxy are joined by Majistrate, Rekless, Dazzler, Herbzie, Evil B, Eksman and Shortston.

Firing into the 21st century, Fatman grew from strength to strength adding new stamps to his passport on the roving regular. From Ultrafest Miami to Sunbeatz Ibiza, Fatman’s chiselled a sterling reputation to rouse crowds of thousands on all corners of the globe.

More recently he’s also developed his reputation on the business side of the scene; his label Biological Beats has been a solid platform for the most exciting new producers such as Macky Gee, Jayline, Turno, Dominator and Hizzleguy. With regular rotation from the tastemakers far and wide (Hazard, Hype, Crissy Criss, Logan D, Bailey, Sub Zero, Blackmarket, the list goes on…) Biological Beats comes armed with its own agency, parties and an exciting new sister brand Young Guns.

Investing fully into the next generation, Young Guns sees Fatman making a pledge for the future of drum & bass. Still in its early stages, the brand has already achieved national touring success and is set to follow in Biological Beats’ footsteps as a promising label fully dedicated to tomorrow’s premier league.

Business vibes aside, Fatman remains one of the scene’s most imitable MCs. Resident at Warning, one of the UK’s longest standing D&B events, his lyrical and performance dexterity still carry the same heavyweight impact they did when he first picked up the mic nearly 20 years ago.

Still just as passionate about the party, if not more, there’s just one more thing that gives him the edge… He spends his spare time enjoying a mix on his turntables at home. A rare breed in MC circles, Fatman truly understands the dynamics of DJing, making this man of many talents a true selector’s choice.