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Grima_pageGrima is undeniably one of the biggest emcees in drum ‘n’ bass.

 And how did he get there? It was simply hard work, putting in the motorway miles and all those spitting-to-bar-staff hours to hone his craft. No wonder Grima’s an inspiration to the new generation of aspiring artists. It wasn’t about who he knew, just about writing and performing in a way which connected with audiences.

 Of course, encountering Azza on the up-and-comers’ circuit would be a massive step for Grima. The two quickly formed a friendship and near-telepathic on-stage chemistry that has seen them become one of the most popular back-to-back combos in the scene. Grima’s unique style and flow would complement Azza’s perfectly and the stage was set for the TNA crew to arise.

 TNA, or The New Age, has stormed into the DnB scene’s top tier over the last few years. Drawing together the talents of Nu Elementz and the much-missed Dominator, along with Grima and Azza, this was always going to be an explosive combination. Huge sell-out parties and an international fanbase, including luminaries like Dizzee Rascal, have definitively secured their place among DnB’s all-time superstars.

 Armed with an aparrently endless supply of quotable bars, a presence and connection that keeps ravers rapt, and with the rest of the TNA team by his side, Grima’s upward trajectory hasn’t slowed for a second. And, as part of the elite crew of mic men who recorded the Fire in the Booth DnB special, and the follow-up “DNB Artform”, he’s become one of the most recognisable representatives of the emcee’s craft, earning him millions of YouTube views in the process.

 From the hyped to the heartfelt, from explosive main stage sets to the intimate and personal message of his track “My Sister”, Grima has demonstrated a versatility that still hasn’t reached its limit. Pay close attention as this pioneering artist makes his next moves.