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There’s a storm making its way through the Drum & Bass world all the way from Brazil and its about to unleash it’s fury on Europe!

The storm is JAM THIEVES!

Jam Thieves do not just play the standard liquid rolling vibes that you would expect from a Brazilian outfit – these guys have taken the South American mould to a whole new level! Yes there’s funk, in fact there’s a lot of funk, but its heavily mixed with raw grit and thundering sub lows! Just check out any of their recent sets online to hear for yourself.

With previous releases on the SERIAL KILLAZ imprint as well as HAZARD’s own Radius Recordings and  and now having been signed by HYPE & PASCAL’s Playaz Recordings, Jam Thieves are being back by those right at the top.

Over in the Europe for a limited time only, you need Jam Thieves on your line up!