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KOTR_pageThree of the busiest DJs out there combine forces to bring you a brand new concept.

All three artists perform week in, week out all over the world and have come together for a Crown Jewels of a collaboration.

A back to back showcase of Royal proportions featuring everything they have brought to drum & bass in one massive DJ package!

These combined DJs and producers are responsible for bringing home the jungle monarchy – remixing and reworking the classic genre to fit with ravers of today. Make no mistake though, this isn’t an old school act – this is jungle brought bang up to date in a format nobody could have ever predicted.

Guaranteed to deliver a banquet of basslines, this deadly trio promise to do more damage than any other act in the scene right now.

Add something unique to your event and book ‘Kings of the Rollers’ now!

Their diary is now open and we’re taking offers..