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Lady V Dubz is one of the most significant figures in the landscape of modern drum ‘n’ bass. As a figurehead and champion for female artists, she’s blazed a trail that is opening up the scene to an unprecedented extent. But, gender politics aside, she’s also, simply, a monster on the decks

Music has always been part of V Dubz’s life. Starting out as a house and garage selector while at school in South London she learned her craft in the good old days of vinyl. And the skills don’t stop there. She can hold it down on keyboards, drums, and guitar…another demonstration of the natural talent and work ethic that have got her to where she is today.

And her talent shone through almost immediately. Her first break came when a promoter heard her tearing the roof off a private party and booked her on the spot for his next event. Radio shows and raves came calling, she linked up with emcee Lady Blazer to form Feminine Takeover, and within eighteen months of starting out was already taking international bookings.

The link-up with Fatman D’s Biological Beats collective propelled her even further into the limelight. The tightly-knit crew of deejays, emcees, and producers gave V a platform to take things to the next level, and that ethos, combined with the Feminine Takeover concept, gave rise to the next chapter: GTA.

These days, the twelve-strong Girls Take Action crew are an integral part of the drum ‘n’ bass scene. Arising from a one-off radio show, the team have kicked open doors for a whole generation of up-and-coming female DnB artists. In a traditionally male-dominated world, Lady V Dubz and the crew have made, and are still making, a permanent difference.

Away from the public eye, V Dubz has been busily honing her production skills and her CV proves that when she decides to let out one of her creations it’ll be monstrous. This woman is already an socio-political influencer and a guaranteed-to-tear-the-place-down selector, with bookings everywhere from Let It Roll to Breakin Science. If she adds producer to that list, well, that’s pretty much game over.