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V_Dubz_pageMusic has always been close to the heart of Vicky Wickenden, with her teenage years spent listening to the H&G and Jungle tracks that were frequently played by her older sisters in their house in South East London. Soon after discovering H&G, she became intrigued with those urban genres of music and could be found recording sets from pirate radio stations such as Kool FM, Rinse and Upfront to get her fix.

Listening to her walkman in school and often getting into trouble for not paying attention, Vicky soon aspired to be up there with legends like Brockie and DJ Hype. Despite having no turntables, she began to buy vinyl with what little money she had to spare. Several years passed before the opportunity arose for her to get up close and personal with a set of decks, watching her friends closely as they seamlessly blended the two different tracks. As a 20th birthday present, Vicky was presented with a pair of Bush Belt Drive decks and began to teach herself the basics of mixing. As time went on, she once again started to build up her collection of vinyl and vowed to spend a large proportion of her monthly wages on new records in order to catch up on the years she missed out on mixing.

As her skills improved, Vicky turned to upgrading her turntables and purchased a set of Direct Drive Stanton T10s from a local DJ named Somatic. During this time her passion for Drum and Bass had grown immensely and Somatic soon invited her to DJ at house parties in the South East London area. One night in Bexleyheath things began to change. Such was the power of the amps and the flow of her mixing that

two guys from the street came up to the party and demanded to know who was playing. They soon revealed themselves to be Sub Species, a DJ duo who invited Somatic and Vicky to warm up for them at their event entitled Bouncing.

That night saw the newly christened Lady V Dubz play alongside Logan D, Darren J, Lady MC, Eksman and Scorpio, her debut witnessed by family and friends. This further fuelled the passion she had for Drum and Bass and it wasn’t long before she turned her attention to playing on the radio. V Dubz heard an advert of Kool FM for student welfare which offered young people the chance to secure a set in venues around New Cross, unfortunately this was only applicable to students and this immediately excluded her from any slots. However Shotz was impressed with her mixing and offered her a weekly space on

Before long Lady V Dubz was soon playing for promoters URBAN: NRG and Organized Noize and events that were connected with which in and around London and the South East area. At one of these events, she met Mekar MC who invited her to join his Quality Control (QC) agency, a pairing that soon turned into a strong friendship.

In 2009, V Dubz then hooked up with MC Lady Blazer and began the female DnB collective, Feminine Takeover which featured mixtapes from herself and Blazer and progressed to DJ Trickles and Lady MC. Feminine Takeover were then invited to play in Lille in France in V Dubz debut international booking.

As her reputation grew, March 2010 saw Lady V Dubz approached by heavyweight MC Fatman D with an offer of joining his Biological Beats agency and working on a mixtape with alongside Danja MC, another artist on the Biological Beats crew. It wasn’t long before you could find her representing at events and on the radio with Fatman himself, Foxy, Mekar, Boxer and many other artists from Bio Beats camp. 2010 proved to be a pivotal year for V Dubz with her also joining forces with STUN London and resident FabricLIVE resident Macpherson which enabled her to hold residencies at Egg London, Café 1001 and Fabric to name but a small few.

2011 saw the international bookings flying in with appearances alongside Mekar MC in Malta with the Urban Kaos gang, Amsterdam and Germany to name but a few, plus appearances on the legendary DnBTV with all of the Biological Beats crew.

2012 was one of the most pivotal years for V Dubz when she was spotted by Radio 1Xtra’s DJ Bailey at the “DEF:INITION Great Ormand Street Fundraiser” where he invited V Dubz onto his weekly show as he was so impressed with her mixing skills and crowd reaction. From this, more and more interest was ignited regarding V Dubz, her mixing ability and her ever growing following of ravers, old skool and new and 2012 saw V Dubz go from strength to strength.

In 2013, V Dubz continued to make her mark on the D’n’B scene and in February she was voted as the “Best Female DJ” at the National Drum and Bass Awards. Soon after this, V Dubz performed at more and more major and established events and in June 2013, played her debut at the Sundance Festival on the “DEF:INITION meets Best Of The British” arena and her set alongside Grima MC and Enamie was the talk of the event. Later that year, V Dubz played at Breakin Science, One Nation and to end the year nicely, was booked to perform at the premier Drum and Bass holiday, Sunbeatz in Ibiza playing a few resident sets and a main stage set at the closing party at Summum. Her final major set of 2013 was a main stage set alongside her long term friend and producer, Jayline at Nicky Blackmarket and Fatman D’s Birthday Bash at the Coronet in London.

2013-2015 saw V Dubz return to Sunbeatz Ibiza where she played main stage at Sankey’s and Es Paradis and 2016 was her debut at Inno in the Snow, Inno in the Sun, Heatwave Festival in Mallorca and the biggest gig to date, Glastonbury Festival to name but a few.

Next on the agenda, V Dubz is learning how to produce her own music so watch this space….. There will be plenty more to come.

You can catch V Dubz live, every other Thursday 21:00-23:00 on Rough Tempo so keep an eye out for updates on this page.

In a male dominated industry, Lady V Dubz has proved her ability as a credible DJ, not just as a woman, but an experienced and skilled DJ behind the decks. With the odds stacked against her, she has risen through the ranks of the scene to demonstrate just why she is South East London’s Queen of DnB.