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Magnetude_page_2018With releases on seminal future-focused labels like Lifted Music, Renegade Hardware, and Eatbrain, the story of Magnetude is as ultra-contemporary as their music.

Rustam (from Russia) and James (from the UK) had known each other for eight years, become best friends, and released their first tunes together before they had ever even met in person. In spite of their wildly different backgrounds, they found common ground in the movies that they both loved, and found a unique story-telling approach to creating music that united them as a duo and set them apart from other producers.

Rustam, aka Rusty K, grew up in a small village in Russia and developed his addiction to music early. From age nine, he was composing and create with no regard for genre boundaries, crediting Rawhill Cru and Bad Company’s “Mo’ Fire” as his catalyst to specialise in drum ‘n’ bass.

Meanwhile, in London, James, later to become Jae Overtech, was developing his own passion for the music. As well as learning the violin, and absorbing the reggae, Motown, and other multifarious styles of music his mother enjoyed, he was collecting records and rave anecdotes of the late nineties scene. Managing to blag his way into a rave at fifteen years old, his ambition to make it in DnB was cemented.

Rustam’s releases on the UK-based Close 2 Death label brought him into contact with James for the first time. As they began to share ideas it became clear that their styles and influences gelled perfectly and Magnetude was born.

Now, following a string of huge releases on RAM Records, and A-list deejay support from across the scene, the unique, neuro-stories of Magnetude are finding an ever-wider audience. With a packed schedule of forthcoming releases and remixes, as well as a checklist of prestige international deejay bookings, the next chapter of the Magnetude tale is going to be enthralling. Pay close attention.