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Wicked, witty and wily: MC Unknown is a wordsmith on the rise.

Whether he’s jumping into a fly-tipped bath tub for the sake of a good music video, or ripping a hole into the Versace dream because he can, Joe Unknown is unlike any other MC in operation right now. Embracing life’s foibles and farces, his acerbic, tongue-in-cheek rhymes and observations have scored him a distinctive reputation in D&B and beyond… Winner of Innovation In The Sun’s 2011 MC competition, now a regular master of ceremonies at every UK club worth shaking a raving shoe at, the irony of his mysterious moniker isn’t lost on him at all.

Unknown’s journey began in Southampton. Scrapping a music degree to work in the town’s only drum & bass record store, he switched his dreams of DJ decadence for a life on the mic when he realised East Hampshire had no MCs to its name. Diving deep into the niche local market, he unleashed the rhymes he’d been hiding in his mind. Surrounded by suburban trackie-wearing louts, beered up and looking for clouts, his words gave him a unique delivery; no gang chat, no badman attitude, no tough talk. Just real life and honest graft and hustle.

His skills attracted the attention of G13’s Propz & Rowney who invited him up to Manchester for some radio show frontage. The connection stuck and Unknown’s reputation soon spread across the country, quickly compounded by his Innovation In The Sun success and finally winning the coveted Best Breakthrough MC at the 2103 National D&B Awards. Now resident at Belgian drum & bass hotbed CityFlow and a regular host for DJs such as far-reaching as Hazard, Annix, Sigma, Harry Bizzle and Cyantific, MC Unknown has proved himself as one of the most versatile hosts in the live game.

Not content with whipping up frenzied crowds with spitfire 170BPM rave rhymes, Unknown also runs a fine line in hip-hop. Both ‘Heartrate’ and ‘Versace Freestyle’ were launched on YouTube in the summer of 2013, causing a tsunami of hype, comments and new fans. Boasting barbed couplets over a half tempo, his ruffled reflections are even clearer, sharper and loaded with the same sharp humour he peddles on his Twitter account where he’s fondly known as Chef Unknown, the man behind the greatest prawn linguine the world has yet to taste.

Unknown by name… But not by status. MC Unknown is a wordsmith on the rise.