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360 Showcase

Nicky Blackmarket needs no introduction. The legendary pioneer still flies the flag for drum & bass with passion and determination, remaining one of the finest selectors in the industry.

Fatman D has garnered a similar amount of respect as his counterpart. Not only is he one of the most infamous MCs in the game, he’s also the man behind Biological Beats and Young Guns; two labels that constantly push the boundaries.

Given their wealth of experience, it’s no wonder they’ve crossed paths many times over the years. The annual birthday bash has played host to the duo for the past 7 years and the pair also teamed up for Stevie Hyper D’s tribute night. It’s roadblock every time.

Now, they’re clashing heads like never before, with their incendiary 360 Showcase.

The 360 Showcase isn’t just 90 minutes of the finest drum & bass, it’s a unique night featuring cameo performances from the best in the business, guaranteed to fill every venue no matter what its capacity.

Promoters up and down the country are already making spaces in their calendars for this not-to-be-missed night, with Westfest, Innovation, Random Concept and a whole host of clubs already booking this unforgettable experience.

Bring the Nicky Blackmarket & Fatman D 360 showcase to your club! Email now to become part of this!

Don’t miss out!