One of the most recognisable names in the jump-up scene for the past decade, Original Sin is back!

Having paved a legendary career through… (click for more)

his various aliases (including being one half of G-Dub alongside Sub Zero) with legendary tracks such as: Mad World, Dr. Feels Good, 8 Figure Bass, Pimp Don’t Limp, Beyond Thunderdome, Beast City, Champagne Cocktails and his 2009 album ‘Grow Your Wings’, he now drops his debut offering on Viper Recordings.

Swirling atmospherics and progressive arpeggiators contribute towards a powerful build up to kick off the title track, with sharp-edged vocals guaranteed to get your blood pumping. With a drop that can only be described as straight-up audial assault, this one’ll be resonating across dance floors worldwide. It’s time to welcome back the mighty Original Sin…