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Rowney_Propz_pageMembers of the Shadow Demon Empire and G13 Records head honchos – the Rowney & Propz can boast to have played events some can only dream of including The Warehouse Project, Innovation and Hysteria, as well as being residents for Antwerp City Flow over in Belgium.

Musically, they’ve received support from Hype to Crissy Criss, Marky to Hazard and everyone in between – and they show no sign of letting up anytime soon. They’ve a whole host of releases due out on labels such as Serial Killaz, Nemesis Recordings and an extra special project featuring Trigga!

 Their label, now in it’s ninth year, has seen releases from the likes Majistrate, Upgrade, Turno, Nu Elementz and more, and has staged showcases, featuring our very own MC Toddlah, in countries all over Europe!