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 SOTL_pageOver the last 17 years they have added sister labels Calypso Muzak, Sumo Beatz, Liquid Lab and Pure Vibez to the camp, covering all styles of drum and bass and knocking up a back catalogue of over 100 releases along with the highly successful Sumo Beatz nights in Colchester.
The labels have seen releases from a who’s who of drum and bass, giving some artists opportunities early in their career, including Heist, Serum, Turno, T>I, Voltage, Majistrate, Logan D, Bladerunner, Upgrade, Lomax (Loadstar), Decimal Bass & Konichi (Annix), Pleasure, Macky Gee, Limited, Spaow, Aries, Nicky Blackmarket, Simula, Oz and many more!
The future is only looking brighter for the labels with forthcoming releases for 2019 from Heist, T>I, Voltage, Simula, Aries, Nicky Blackmarket,-L-Side, Bou, Oz, Filthy Habits and Jeopardize to name a few.
With many people asking for it, the next logical step is to take this on the road so here it is! The ‘Straight Out The Lab’ tour is now live! Drop us an email and we’ll put it together for you!