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Bridging the gaps between grime, bass music and D&B, Trigga is one of the most versatile, talented micsmiths in the UK. A core member of the Shadow Demon Coalition and one of the key figures in the exciting Manchester bass movement, his lyrical skills have been in big demand since he was seven years old!

Brought up amid a thriving soundsystem culture, he was chatting on the one and only Saxon rig before he was out of short trousers. Bitten by the bug from that moment on, he’s never missed an opportunity to write new lyrics and hone his natural, relaxed-vibe flow. First on the pirates, then the big raves such as Hysteria, Pure X and the legendary Telepathy, Trigga’s rifled up the ranks of respectability with serious repeat bookings.

The same approach to Trigga’s skills can be found in the studio. With an ability to flex from grime-style to ragga to bona fide rap chatter, he’s in regular cohorts with some of the most forward-thinking producers across all shades of dance music. Currently working closely with Loefah’s Swamp family and fellow Manchester bass luminaries Zed Bias and MRK-1, there’s a whole wealth of exciting projects coming our way from Trigga very soon… And that’s before we get to the exciting Area161 project he’s currently devising.

Crucially aware of the powerful position an MC is in while never forgetting that his role on stage is primarily to entertain, Trigga ensures the perfect balance of consciousness and fun. Not just in his lyrical delivery, but in life; when he’s not in the studio or on stage he’s involved in community music based projects and workshops, providing a solid platform and firm guidance for the stars of tomorrow. This includes working with one of the UK’s most famous choreographers Arlene Phillips CBE for a seven minute performance to royalty at the opening ceremony of the Manchester Commonwealth games!