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Ultrah_pageThe Ultrah Brothers have taken the UK Drum and Bass scene to new lengths with their unique style of rolling bass, heavy drums and edgy dance floor approach to music.

Starting back in 2016 these guys were quick to take to the production in so creating some of the most highly anticipated tracks of 2017 including Riddims, Xhale and Panic Button some who would say had a particular RAM records feel about their production.

They started their career by performing for a local event, Back To Bassics and from their only stepped up their game to performing at Sound Clash festival supporting Andy C and Pendulum the On A Mission events, Innovation, One Nation and were a part of the Playaz UK Tour. There is no doubt these guys have an out the box but solid mixing style that people have come to love.

Signing with record label Biological Beats in 2017 the label was quick to jump on these guys as artists and harness the potential. They have now released 2 EPs through Bio Beats which have gone straight to number 1 spots across the board and they have more than enough material to keep people interested in the future.

With such a fresh sound totally unique to their productions, leaving people hanging for their next moves, it will be interesting to see this pair grow in the music world.